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SPOT Consult (Security, Prevention, Optimization and Technology) is a consultancy company offering services in Bulgaria and internationally. Our staff is with international experience and have held in key positions in global US and EU financial institutions as well as government entities.

We are well experienced and established on the local and neighboring market/s with substantial knowledge and contacts. We also have the ability to quickly recruit the necessary intellectual capital in order to satisfy growing and/or new business requirements and needs.

SPOT Consult offers services in the following industries:

• Financial Sector (private and public)

• Energy and Resources

• Agriculture

• Transportation

• Automotive Industry

• Infrastructure

• Software

• Tourism

• Sales

The specific consultancy services that can be provided in these industries are the following and can be tailored to the specific business area and market.

• Consultancy services in the correspondent banking area and transactions;

• Product and processes optimization, operational and reputational risk mitigation in Retail, Corporate banking, Leasing and Factoring;

• Logistics;

• Marketing;

• Taxes related services;

• Audit services;

• Services focused on reducing local market micro and macro risk;

• Networking, sales and general marketing;

• Software implementation and optimization;

• Training, organizational, analytical and software services related to risk management;

• Six Sigma related activities;

• Development of training and internal regulations and procedures;

• Software optimization and implementation;

• Fraud Prevention services that include gap analysis of internal products process and controls in order to reduce the risk of internal and/or external fraud while maintaining or increasing business productivity;

• Financial sanctions review and analysis for global transactions and business services in order to ensure that the business transaction/s, product, or service in question do not result violation with the global financial sanctions;

• Anti-Money Laundering (AML) consultancy services. The services include analysis for potential risk of money laundering whiting the institution, training of staff, developing internal procedures and regulations as well as software analysis and development of scenarios for enhanced monitoring and more efficient results.